High spirit and fair winds


2 Fenruary 2017

  Hundreds of owners, crew and invited guests gathered at the Welcome Party for the 2017 Superyacht Challenge Antigua. Held at the Boom Bar & Restaurant in the grounds of the Gunpowder House, the magnificent fleet was in view as the party started with sundowners around the pool. Paul Deeth welcomed all of the guests to the party and the atmosphere was laid back but buzzing with excitement.

Looking at the field, this promises to be one of the most competitive regattas ever with four previous class winners competing. The 182ft twin masted schooner, Adela won in 2013 and is back racing after significant modifications last year. The powerful 103ft ketch Marama was victorious in 2014, as was the 86ft sloop Spiip, formerly known as Unfurled, and returning to defend their title from 2016 is the 112ft Baltic, Nilaya. Newcomers to the regatta include, the impressive 105ft sloop Danneskjold, the magnificent 151ft ketch Elfje, the new 90ft classic sloop Acadia, the 112ft sloop Kawil and the Spirit of Tradition racing sloop, Wild Horses.

All of the participating yachts had been out practising on the day prior to the start of the three day regatta and experienced full on Trade Wind conditions; three metre seas and over 20 knots of breeze. Friday 3rd of February will mark the first day of racing with a course of about 20 miles scheduled to start and finish outside English Harbour.

The fleet will start in pursuit style with the first start due at 1100 local time (1500 UTC). All of the yachts are fitted with trackers, you can follow there progress at the official web site:



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