New ORCsy VPP version released


8 March 2017

  The ORCsy Committee, after checking the impact of new measured propeller installation introduced in 2017, released a new a revised version of the ORCsy VPP 2017 (version 1.03). The modifications introduced are:
  • Implementation of 4 blades propeller type, producing an increment in PIPA from 3 to 4 blades.
  • Introduction of a new default for in aperture propeller installation
  • Removal of SY factor
  • Adjustment of aero model for the ‘other’ rigtype (like Maltese Falcon)

The above modifications affects only a very small part of the fleet and have been introduced to assess in a more scientific way the characteristics of the big Super Yachts. SuperYacht Sailor Service and Designer DVP on the ORCsy web page are updated with the vew VPP version. All certificates already issued as preliminary will be updated in accordance with the new VPP release.




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