New updated ORCsy VPP released


7 May 2017

  The first part of the SuperYacht season is now concluded and has shown some great results and fair competition during the four events completed in the Caribbean season: Antigua, Virgin Gorda (Rolex Swan and Loro Piana) and St Barth. More than 50 ORCsy certificates have been issued, both new issues and renewals, along with the introduction of the new Corinthian Spirit Class successfully debuting at the St Barth Bucket Regatta.

Since the last day of racing in St Barth the ORC SuperYacht team has been working hard with the analysis of the 14 races completed so far in the Caribbean and checking performances versus predictions. The hard work is now completed and the result is that a new version of the ORC SuperYacht VPP that has been released today with handicap adjustments made for the high-performance end of the fleet. The new general characteristics of the ORCsy VPP include:
  • The Residuary Resistance for boats with Length Volume Ratio (LVR) > 7.4 has been revised and increased
  • The separation drag for deep keels has been applied starting from Draft/Length (D/L) > 0.165

The new ORCsy VPP features have been studied after a particular focus and thorough analysis of some “high performance” yachts that are not consistent with the predictions coming from the VPP. The ORCsy team is confident that the direction taken with this new release will solve these discrepancies and will create a more fair racing environment for yachts that meet the above characteristics.

The Rule has also been amended with some improved wording and descriptions that have been noted during this first part of the season. In the meantime the performances of other yachts and their certificates have been checked while the next round of SuperYacht events are starting again just slightly more than one month away. These include the YC Costa Smeralda Loro Piana Regatta, followed by the America’s Cup and the Palma Super Yacht regattas.




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