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The 2017 edition of the ORC's Superyacht Designer VPP (DVP) and Superyacht Sailor Services (ORCsy SaS) is now online and available for use. The DVP is available for purchase and download on the ORC website. The ORC Superyacht VPP (ORCsy VPP) is a Velocity Prediction Program that forms the core of the ORC SuperYacht Rule (ORCsy). The software is accompanied by the ORC Manager, an editor utility program for entering and editing measurement data as will as an Offset editor for editing hull offset files. Input data in DXT and OFF file formats can then be used to produce the hydrostatic data and polar diagrams that predict boat speed for full range of wind conditions above 6 knots of true wind speed at the following true wind angles: optimum beat, 52, 60, 75, 90, 110, 120, 135, 150 degrees and optimum run.

The ORCsy VPP Designer's version (DVP) uses the same software used by the ORC Central Rating Office to issue certificates.
The results data includes all the ratings and time allowances shown on certificate, together with a complete set of calculated hydro and aerodynamic data and that defined by the ORCsy rules. The ORCsy DVP is Windows-based software, easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and standard Windows functions.

Any designer may process design data through the VPP to analyze rating effects, and the software is therefore regarded as essential to anyone contemplating an ORCsy design project. The subscription will not give access to existing hull data without the written permission of its designer, while rig, sails and other measurements can be obtained from any copy of an ORCsy Certificate through ORCsy Sailor Services. The annual subscription to the ORCsy DVP is €1000 while the price for current ORC DVP subscribers is €700. Upon receipt of your payment, new subscribers will receive credentials to log on to the DVP Subscribers web page, while credentials of existing subscribers will be renewed. From this DVP page you can download the installation software package and regularly check for updates for one year of both the VPP core and the editing and management interfaces.

The ORCSY rule is only 3 years old now but highly successful, having been used in 9 events in the 2016 season: SuperYacht Challenge Antigua, Loro Piana SuperYacht Regatta in Virgin Gorda, St. Barth's Bucket Regatta, Rolex International Regatta in Capri, Loro Piana SuperYacht Regatta in Porto Cervo, Superyacht Cup in Palma, Candy Store Cup in Newport, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Rolex Swan Cup in Porto Cervo.

The ORCsy team has worked hard to improve the level of accuracy of the ORCsy VPP, and during this past year supported a continuous program of research as well as the presence of its technical Super Yacht team at all events. Along with the SuperYacht Racing Association (SYRA), ORC will continue its support this year to develop and update this unique rating system. The principal new characteristics of the 2017 ORCsy VPP are the following: The principal new characteristics of the 2017 ORCsy VPP are the following:

  • The leeway for shallow boats has been revised to better assess their higher induced drag.
  • Better evaluation of separation drag for deep keel boats
  • Following the ITC suggestions implemented in the 2017 ORC International VPP, the added resistance in waves has been revised with a reduction of energy curve in light winds
  • Fine tuning of added resistance for slots in Centerboards
  • Evaluation of reduction of L due to Construction Materials in the Hull
  • High Froude Number Residuary Resistance revision
  • The revision of the heel angle to compute sail forces (the PHIUP function) will reduce the maximum heel angle at which the VPP runs
  • Headsail set flying (Code 0) treatment revision with a different depowering routine that prevents the VPP to use this kind of headsail in strong wind conditions. In addition, one headsail set flying won’t be accounted as an additional headsail on board
  • Evaluation of missing endplate effect for Headsails Tacked on Sprit
  • More accurate windage assessment of gaff sailplans with a lot of rig
  • Introduction of a VPP run for very small working inner jibs.
  • Revision of the Tacking allowance, including D/L term and for rudders with skeg
  • Revision of gyradius adjustment for MCA-approved boats assessing a more wide weight distribution with increased added resistance in waves
  • Introduction of measured PIPA (Propeller Installation Projected Area) to improve the evaluation of added resistance of propeller installation
  • Reduction of 50% of the Sy factor (allowance for very high VCG boats)
  • Revision of light wind allowance composition (decreasing the weight of 6 kts allowance)
  • Introduction of measured mast section windage
  • Evaluation of a more detailed sails weight that will avoid to declare the weight for each sail on board
Further improvement and refinement of the VPP was done with version 1.03 and following modifications:
  • Implementation of 4 blades propeller type, producing an increment in PIPA from 3 to 4 blades.
  • Introduction of a new default for in aperture propeller installation
  • Removal of SY factor
  • Adjustment of aero model for the ‘other’ rigtype (like Maltese Falcon)

The above modifications with version 1.03 affects only a very small part of the fleet and have been introduced to assess in a more scientific way the characteristics of the big Super Yachts. SuperYacht Sailor Service and Designer DVP on the ORCsy web page are updated with the vew VPP version. All certificates already issued as preliminary will be updated in accordance with the new VPP release.




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Current ORC DVP subscribers - 700 EUR

New subscribers - 1000 EUR



If you prefer to pay by the bank transfer you can do it using the following bank details:

Bank: Banca Intesa San Paolo
Casa 2/A, 07020 Porto Cervo, Italy

IBAN IT64C0306984903615294478587
ABI 03069, CAB 84903, Agency 13833, SWIFT: BCITITMMXXX

Payment confirmation should be sent by e-mail to: secretariat@orc.org or by fax to +39 0789 398 034.


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