Fresh conditions starts ORCsy racing at St. Barths


17 March 2018

  In classic winter Caribbean tradewind conditions, today’s first race in the Pursuit Classes of the St Barths Bucket took the five classes on an Around the Island course of varied lengths ranging from 21 to just over 25 miles. Using Moderate-Strong wind ratings, the winning margins were close in most classes, less than 1 minute in all but two classes, and this would have been closer in one had the runner-up not earned a 5 minute penalty for being OCS in the race.

In Les Gazelles des Mers, Nilaya defeated Visione by a 36 seconds after 3 hours of sailing, and in Les Elegantes des Mers, Sojana earned the greatest margin of victory – 5:52 over runner-up Wisp.

In Les Mademoiselles des Mers after over 2 1/2 hours of sailing among five entries, Spiip defeated runner-up Farfalla by a mere 27 seconds, and in Les Grand Dames des Mers in about the same elapsed time, Whisper won by a large margin of 2:44 that could have been a victory except for a 300 sec penalty for being OCS at the start.

And in the largest class of the event with 6 entries, Les Voiles Blanche was won by Koo in the closest corrected time margin of the day: an amazing 2 seconds after nearly 3 hours of sailing!



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