Nilaya overall winner at St. Barths Bucket


19 March 2018

  The fresh breezes of the past few days disappeared into Light-Moderate conditions and flat water for scoring the final race of the three-race St Barths Bucket Regatta in all five of the Pursuit classes, with winners emerging in each class after sailing a clockwise or the “Wrong Way Around” the island course.

Of the three entries in the Class A Les Gazelles des Mers, NILAYA won today by a margin of 1:09 on the 20.98-mile course to take the series on perfect 1-1-1 scores. In the Class B Les Elegantes des Mers class the top score among four entries was SOJANA, who won today by 1:46 on their 18.60-mile course, and winning the series on scores of 1-2-1.

In Class C Les Mademoiselles des Mers, FARFALLA won today by a huge margin of 7:10 after racing 18.60 miles, and winning the class of five entries on impressive scores of 2-1-1. In the five entries of Class D Les Grandes Dames des Mers WHISPER won today on a 17.38-mile course by an even greater margin of 11:12 to complete their perfect 1-1-1 record for the series.

And it was MISSY who defeated five other entries in the Class E Les Voiles Blanche class after racing 17.98 miles to win by a whopping margin of 26:19.

When scored with the formula adopted to define the yearly winner, the Bucket Perpetual Trophy, newly created for the 2018 edition, went to NILAYA.

“As every year, a successful and highly satisfaction event both for owners and crews: the contribution of the ORCsy team is fundamental. With its precision and professionalism plays a key role allowing each team to run to the best of their potential in a system that supports and enhances the performance of these beautiful yachts”declares the enthusisatic Paolo Massarini, ORC super yacht Manager, at the end of a busy week but very rewarding in terms of positive results and feedbacks. Another tangible proof that the system is developing very well and that the work done by ORC is well managing such a divers fleet of extraordinary super yachts.



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