Busan Super Cup 2018 edition returns


30 April 2018

  The 13th edition of Busan Super Cup has returned competition to Suyeong Bay, this year in a perfect 15 knots of breeze. Led by cup defender Malolo (JPN6693, First40), 19 ORC boats competitors include challengers of Vikira (KOR5503, Ker40), First (RUS5500, First 40.7) and a hidden ambush in Big Apple (KOR2299, Farr 45) raced in the steady breeze off the sunny shores of Haewoondae beach.

The fleet is divided into 2 classes, ORC I (8 boats) and ORC II (11 boats), with each class having their own strong competitors. In Class 1, Vikira and Big Apple match raced each other and only a 0.1 second result decided the final results. Big Apple lost 1st place in the 3rd race being defeated by Tiburon (RUS3465, Farr44) in 0.1 seconds of corrected time, which then led Big Apple to 2nd place in the final result. If Big Apple defeated Tiburon by 0.1 second, then Vikira and Big Apple would have tied in final and Big Apple would have won the tie-break to emerge as the leader.

In Class II, First, Malolo and Gastion (RUS655, First40.7) raced close to each other and the three teams showed steady results in all races. First had impressive results of 1-1-2-1 and was dominant in this class.  In the final results, it was Vikira, Big Apple, and Tiburon in ORC I and First, Malolo, and Gastion in Class 2 being the final top 3 in each class. In the next edition of the Busan Cup, more teams are expected from throughout the region, including Japan, China, the US…and even North Korea may join the race under the reconciliation being made on the Korean peninsula.





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