Brujo, Majoche, Pestaneo and Saona, winners of XXI UPV Trophy


14 Mayl 2018

  This weekend the XXI edition of the Universitat Polècnica de València (UPV) Trophy, which aims to bring nautical sports to the university community, concluded in Valencian waters with 4 class winners declared among 23 entries. This unique regatta hosted by the Real Club Nautico Valencia raced in offshore boats and scored with ORC ratings features competition among crews composed at least 50% by members of the university community, whether students, professors or administration staff and services or sports partners of the UPV.

Saturday’s first race consisted of a coastal route that, unlike in previous years, was carried northwards to Port Saplaya, with a northeast wind of 8 knots of intensity, which decreased during the day. On Sunday, the boats completed a windward - leeward course that began with a wind of 115° at 6 knots of intensity that shifted to 130° in the middle of the leg, forcing the race committee to make a change of course as the wind increased all day until reaching about 12 knots in strength.

Sorcerer wins Class 1
In Class 1, it was Aquarelle 1, owned by Juan Arturo Messeguer of CN Gandia, tha won the race on Saturday, but on Sunday was overtaken by Brujo owned by Alberto de Castro of RCN Valencia, that was second on Saturday. The win on Sunday for de Castro and his crew allowed them to take the championship title, with second place earned by Messeguer, both being tied on points. Another "sorcerer", in this case Alfonso Armero’s Brujo 40, was third, with two third places in the two contested races.

Majoche wins Class 2
In a Class 2 in which five of the six participants were First 40.7’s, Alejandro Fliquete’s Majoche, was unbeatable with two first places in the two races held, taking the overall victory. In second place was Javier de Tomás’s Genio 4, on the podium representing the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Victory for Tab in Class 3
Also unbeatable has been Javier Moreno’s Pestañeo from RCNV in Class 3, who corrected to being first in the two races held, with second place earned for Millán Álvarez’s Por Fin Tres, also from RCNV, on scores of 2-2, and third place for Eduardo Tur’s Blue Lizard, with a score of 3-3.

Saona sends in Class 4
Finally, in Class 4 the winner was Gonzalo Calvo’s Saona, from RCNV, on the strength of two victories in the two contested races. Saona was followed by Ricardo Llopis’s Temptress Dos, with a 2-3 score, tied for second with Xavier Santamaria’s Reti to complete the podium.

"We have had 21 editions of the UPV trophy and from the Polytechnic University we are very satisfied with this regatta that aims to integrate university students in sailing. It is a luxury to see that all employers open their boats to the students of the university, and that many of the university students end up being integrated into the crews. This is how nautical sport really is for university students," says Alicia López Yeste, head of the sports service of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

"It is a pleasure for the yacht club to celebrate this event with the Universitat Politècnica for more than twenty years, and to help the members of the university get to know sail and water sports first-hand. We also see how every year there are many who continue to practice this sport, and become part of the usual crews of our fleet, "said Alejandro Fliquete, president of RCN Valencia.

The award ceremony was attended by Alicia López Yeste, head of the sports service of the Universitat Politècnica de València, the president of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, Alejandro Fliquete, the sailing delegate of the club, Rafa de Tomás, the delegate of the cruise fleet, Xavier Santamaría and sports director Pedro Quiroga.




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