KSSS and SHF presents ORCi Cup 2018-2019


8 June 2018

  KSSS and SHF are proud to present the ORCi Cup 2018 & 2019 to boost the interest for ORCi as an international rule in Sweden and to encourage continued strong participation at international offshore championships for Swedish participants.
The aim is to significantly increase the number of Swedish boats holding a valid ORCi certificate and participating in international regattas under ORCi.

”With an upcoming ORCi European Championship in Oxelösund 2019 it is our clear goal to put as many Swedish competitors as possible on the starting line and also to aim for as many medals as possible,” said Johan Tuvstedt, Swedish Offshore Association Chairman. ”The Royal Swedish Yacht Club aims to be a world class race organizer and thus it comes natural to promote racing under the ORCi rule. ORCi is also the class in our yearly ÅF Offshore Race around Gotland that attracts the most international entries,” said Johan Rockström, KSSS course racing committee Chairman.

As a part of the cooperation around the ORCi Cup between SHF and KSSS there is an agreement to arrange the Swedish Offshore National Championship according to ORCi during the KSSS Sandhamn Regatta over 08-10 August 2019.

Race program ORCi Cup 2018

The 2018 ORCi Cup consists of these three established KSSS regattas:
- Sandhamn Open Hav, 9-10 June
- ÅF Offshore Race, 1-5 July
·- KSSS Indian Heat Regatta by Aruba, 15-16 September

Boats participating in one or more of the regattas above and are holding a valid ORCi certificate are automatically part of the ORCi Cup 2018. The Swedish Offshore Association (SHF) will continuously keep results on line at www.shf.nu.

The winner of the cup will be decided by a high point system with the addition of an extra two points for the winner of each regatta. If level points a tie-breaker will be decided by the boat having completed most if in the cup included races.
The Prizegiving for the ORCi Cup 2018 will be in conjunction with the Swedish Offshore Association annual meeting.

Other news from Sweden is that Team Immac Fram is victorious in the open Swedish ORCi Offshore Championship. The event was held in conjunction with the Marstrand Big Boat Race outside Marstrand on the Swedish west coast. Eight races including 6 windward-leeward races were held in light and beautiful conditions on the difficult Marstrand fjord. 27 boats took part with about 15 aiming to participate in the worlds in The Hague next month.

Winner of the ORC class was the Italia 9.98 Immac Fram helmed by Kai Mares from Kieler Yacht Club and runners up were the Norwegian Landmark 43 White Shadow helmed by Torkjel Valland and the German Melges 32 Old Jug helmed by Felix Streckenbach.



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