Vic - Maui Race start dates set to Canada Day July 1st


8 June 2018

  Organizers of the bienniel Victoria-Maui Race from the Royal Vancouver YC and the Lahaina YC have announced all entries will start the race on Sunday, July 1st, Canada Day. 33 teams from Canada, the US and the UK have entered, and will sail the 2308 mile course from the start in Victoria, British Columbia to the finish in Lahaina, Maui. This race is the longest of those starting in North America and ending in Hawaii.

Resuts will be scored based on a course model consisting of a matrix of wind speed and wind angles assembled from observations from six races held over 2004-2014 and predictions from the North Pacific Ocean July Pilot Chart published by the US Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. This matrix indicates more reaching, a little less running and more wind in the light and heavy ends of the wind matrix.

Time allowances are then calculated from the ORC VPP for this model and for a course distance of 2308 miles, with the result being a single time allowance for each boat for use in the race.

All entries will have GPS trackers so progress can be monitored from the race website.



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