Baltic Offshore Week 2018


22 June 2018

  Baltic Offshore Week 2018 regatta, the second event of the 2018 FINEST Offshore Series which was also scored as the Estonian and Finnish ORC Championships was held over the weekend of June 14-17 in Kalev Yacht Club, Tallinn, Estonia. The place is very well known as the venue for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics Sailing Regatta. This regatta has been held yearly on the both shores of the Finnish Gulf since 2008. In their own home waters the regatta was extremely successful for the Estonian teams.

A total of 47 offshore sailing teams – 26 from Finland, 21 from Estonia and one from Russia participated in a race of similar level to the European top competition to find out the best teams in ORC A, B and C groups. To complete the regatta a 60nM long offshore course was sailed on Friday, and three inshore races sailed on Tallinn Bay were added to the total score on Saturday and Sunday.

In A and B classes, the winners were overwhelming. The ORC A class winner among 18 participants is Sven Nuutmann's Eesti Media Sailing Team (One Off 37 by Cossutti YD/Ridas Yachts) Dago Yacht Club. The boat helmed by Juss Ojala and Kaarel Kruusmägi calling the tactics was third in the offshore course and scored 2-3-2 from the inshore races. Silver medals won the 2014 ORC B class World Champion Forte (X-41) with Tammo Otsasoo at helm representing Kalev YC. The podium was completed by Finnish Ramdata (Salona 37) of Sakari Laulajainen from the club KLV.

Eesti Meedia Sailing Team’ comments after winning the title: “At the beginning of this regatta, we were afraid of light winds, because X-41 yachts are definitely faster in these conditions. That's why the success and victory gives a lot of pleasure and surprise is great. Shifty winds certainly provided us with an opportunity to take a jolt on the X-41 type boats, with a steady wind it would definitely have been harder for us. The biggest surprise for us on this regatta was the third place of the highly ranked offshore race. Therefore we were choosing a conservative sailing, as the overall result of this race cannot be discounted from the overall score. But the steadily high places on all the races show us that we are on the right track. Winning the title is especially sweet because there are many boats competing in this group who are well known of the titles and high positions both at the European and the World Championships.”

For the third year in a row, Aivar Tuulberg's crew of Katariina II (Arcona 340 modified by Cossutti YD) from Pärnu Yacht Club was crowned as the ORC B class champion. With Lorenzo Bodini as tactician and Karl-Hannes Tagu in helm, the 2016 ORC C class champion scored bullets from offshore and two inshore races and was second in the final inshore race. Main battle for the title was held between Katariina II and My Car (X-35 mod) with Harles Liiv steering the boat. Being close in points after the second day, My Car from Kalev YC got the eighth result from the final inshore race, but maintained the second place on the podium and silver medals. However, with the bullet from last inshore race, Directo (Italia 9.98) with Alar Volmer at the helm, jumped to the third position to complete the podium of ORC B class.

Aivar Tuulberg after winning the title: "We have the best team without exaggeration. Without such team no such result would be possible, no matter how good a boat would be. Tactician Lorenzo Bodini, helmsman Karl-Hannes together with sail maker Peter Saraskin and are our brains and their three years’ long co-operation, both when sailing and during the winter, have been behind of our success. However, we are very grateful to Harles Liiv and My Car team, with whom the competition also strengthens us. Fair play was the keyword for our competition, and therefore we have a great respect for them. Our victory was at a certain moment on the knife, but luck was on our side and we were able to realize our strengths for the third consecutive year in winning the championship titles."

In the ORC C class, where only the Finnish Champions were found out, involving 8 Finnish and 1 Russian team, Perttu Rönkkö’s yacht Penelope (First 31.7) was crowned as the 2018 champion. The second-place medals were won by the Markku Kotisalo’s team at Fun First, and the third place in this class went to Heikki Vesalainen’s team on Uhuru (First 31.7). All teams are from Helsingfors Segelklubb. The keyword of the regatta was tricky and shifty wind. However, the offshore course on Friday was held in winds of 12-15 knots and the boats speeding from five to ten knots experiencing also lack of wind during about 10 hrs long leg. Due to the lack of wind both on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the racing was postponed until the afternoon making possible to execute three inshore races only.

The BALTIC OFFSHORE WEEK 2018 was organized by the Kalev Yacht Club, Tallinn, Estonia and EMK ry, Helsinki, Finland under the authority of Estonian Yachting Union (EYU), the Finnish Offshore Racing Association (Avomeripurjehtijat) and under the overall authority of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC).



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