21st edition of the Blue Ribbon Cup promises a strong fleet

18 AUgust 2020


The list of starters at the 21st blueribboncup (August 21-23) is impressive: the German ORCi champion “Intermezzo,” the new “Halbtrocken” and “Imagine”, prominent offshore sailors like Matthias Müller von Blumencron, and Olympians like Robert Stanjek and Tobias Schadewaldt have registered. Gerhard Clausen sails with his Tripp 75 Doublehanded, and it is one of the first major regatta appearances of the new Dehler 30od. With a total of 45 yachts, this strong fleet starts on August 21st with a race to Fyn in Denmark.

Even as the blueribboncup 2020 is being held under completely different race conditions, with different challenges and a new course, one thing remains constant: the enormous interest. And the names at the start promise high quality. "We are pleased about the enormous popularity and the appearance of the new projects, but of course also about our loyal regular customers," says the initiator and organizer Eckhard von der Mosel. “We have found a format that is sporty, varied and simply different. And it's nice that it's so accepted,” he explains. But despite all the enthusiasm for sailing, the top priority is the health of the participants and guests, so that compliance with hygiene regulations has priority.

The blueribboncup is aimed at offshore-capable ORC club yachts and double-handed crews with a CDL of 8.1 (or greater).

In the registration list of the full crew teams there are numerous regulars, but also many new projects. The first group includes some of the 32 starters: Christian Rönsch, who last year took third place in ORC A on the way to Copenhagen with his J-111 “Piranha”, Werner Lemmel (ASC) from Berlin with his Swan 46 “Rarotonga“ (2nd on the way there, 3rd on the way back) and Dirk Clasen with “Ginkgo ”(RVE). This H39 won the race back in the ORC B group last year.

The Match 42 “Intermezzo” (Schulz / Bläsi / Blankeneser Segel-Club) is also a repeat entry. The team from Hamburg will meet their namesake from Berlin this year, because another "Intermezzo," the reigning German champion in Class ORCi I / II, will also compete in the Blueribboncup. Jens Kuphal, owner and skipper of this "Intermezzo," is looking forward to the first start in 2020. "We have scheduled a few training units and want to use the regatta in August to crank us up," said Kuphal. The Landmark 43 received an extensive refit in England over the winter. In addition to tactician Robert Stanjek (6th in the London Olympics in the Star) and yacht optimizer Max Gurgel in the trimmer position, the two-time British circumnavigator and Olympian Annie Lush also joins the team.

In the full crew entry list, the appearance of the new “Halbtocken 4.0” certainly deserves attention. Owner Michael Berghorn from the Kiel Yacht Club has exchanged his X41 for a Mills 45. The offshore racer penned by Mark Mills has sailed the major regattas in the southern hemisphere off Australia under the name “Concubine” in recent years. Big goals are offshore regattas like participation in the Fastnet Race. But the first event on their program is the Blueribboncup, before the IDM continues with Kieler Woche next month.

The TP 52 "Imagine" is also at the start for the first time. Holger and Felix Linienbach (GYC) brought this former "Azzurra" - winner of 52 Super Series in 2012 - to Greifswald last winter.

And last but not least, Mathias Müller von Blumencron with his Class 40 “Red” is another notable participant. The 60-year-old journalist is one of the most experienced ocean sailors in Germany. The Shetland Race, Baltic 500, Channel Race, Fastnet Race, Atlantic Anniversary Regatta ... this Hamburger was there. Tobias Schadewaldt is also on board the “Red.” Born in Wilhelmshaven, he was a successful Laser sailor and represented Germany at the 2012 Olympic Games in London in a 49er. Schadewaldt won Kieler Woche three times and has good memories of Kiel and its fjord.

Behind the name “Dojo” hides the winner of the regatta Around Bornholm of Warnemünde Week, “t-time,” Jonas Franke’s Archambault 34. Another repeat entry with a new boat is Mathias Brückert (KYC), who swapped his X-41 for "Moana," a Marten 49.

On board “Uijuijui” (Rainbow 42 / Bayerischer YC) with Oda and Leopold Hausmann will be the next generation of offshore sailors, with an average crew age of 22 years. “My kids are sailing Blueribboncup with my boat, as it should be. They are in their early 20s, so it has to start. After all, my daughter was seventh at the 420 World Cup, so she should be able to do that around Fyn, ” says Friedrich Hausmann (Chairman of the German Offshore Association). Also on board is Max Marcour, son of Olympic silver medalist Michael Marcour (1984 / Starboat / Achim Griese's bow). Tatjana Hoesch, a distant niece of Vincent Hoesch, the multiple world champion in various boat classes, is also part of the young crew from Bavaria. This is the next generation daring the step into offshore sailing.

The yachts “Geronimo” (Falk Einecke / WSV / Anteros 36), “Universitas” (Jannis Kaminski-Reith / ASV Rostock / Farr 42) and “Inshallah IV” (Carl-Peter Forster / Bayersicher YC / MM 41) are also known beyond the Baltic Sea. And last but not least, Prince Alexander of Schleswig-Holstein (NRV) with his Andrews 56 “Broader View,” is a welcome guest on the Kiel starting line.

Well-known starters can also be found in the Double handed group. Gerhard Clausen (NRV) competes with his "Calypso" (Tripp 75) against the "Marguax" (Menzebach / KYC / J99), "Jinx" (Tillmans / Ostsee YC / X35), "Stine" (Lange / CKA / Luffe 43 ), "Harp8" (Harpprecht / TSVS / One Off) and "Lucy" (Strobach / KYC / A-31). Clausen, who hardly missed anything on the water, has 12 Metre and America’s Cup experience, competed with his Dovell 82 in front of Kiel and Flensburg and now faces the competition, mostly less than half as long, with his 75-foot yacht. The second largest yacht in the double-hand field is the Swan 48 “Themis” (Meyer / OYC), followed by the “Lavinia” (Hausberg / KYC / Grand Soleil 43).

The Dehler 30od class is being featured for the first time and is hoping for Olympic status in the mixed double-hand offshore class. With “Playharder” (Kruse / German Regatta Sailing Club), “Tutto bene” (Hensel / ASV Rostock), “Crasyboat” (Sator / Offenbach), “Power play” (Schmift-Rybandt / RVG) and “Joint Venture” (Barthel / SC Dümmer) there are five in the current entry list.

Uwe Barthel is class manager of the Olympic Finn class and the new Dehler 30od class association, which proves to be extremely committed. The Dehler 30od will also be advertised as a unit class for the Kiel Week. The German class association is planning its first German Open in September as part of the Kiel Week. In 2024, this new Olympic discipline will be launched in France for the first time and will sail for Olympic medals. Maybe in the Dehler 30od.

The Blueribboncup takes place from Friday, August 21st to Sunday, August 23rd, and leads from Kiel around Fyn back to Kiel. The start takes place on Friday at 10:00 in front of the Kieler Yacht Club in Kiel-Düsternbrook. From there it goes around Fyn via the checkpoints there back to Kiel. On Saturday, the fastest participants are expected back from the afternoon after the 200 nm long route. A get-together and the award ceremony in Düsternbrook, probably divided into start groups, will be organized for Sunday morning.

The registration fee has been adjusted, whereby the berth fees from Thursday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday are included in the price, according to the organizers. At 0800 on Friday, the virtual helmsman's meeting with race director Andreas Herbst (KYC) is scheduled via GoToMeeting. Only the current course (left or right around Fyn) is announced.

Before it goes to the starting line, the public on land can also watch a traditional ceremony from the first row: wearing a life jacket, the entire crew has to stand at the railing to say goodbye. “We then take a photo of each crew and so we know that everyone is on board. This ceremony is also called "Ecky’s Kiel Gate." And at the same time, the participants present themselves to the spectators on land, who are welcome in Düsternbrook, taking into account safe hygiene distance






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