ORC mourns the passing of Zvi Ziblat

30 September 2020


Zvi began his sailing career in the Sea Scouts as a high school student in Haifa, Israel. He advanced to the Flying Dutchman, an Olympic class at the time, and represented Israel internationally. He later moved to the Etchells class which became his favorite boat, racing with club members at the Carmel Yacht Club. In 1989, Zvi became an International Judge and was active in his home nation and around the world. He was an active member of International Juries, Protest Committees and was in hearings and on the water until his last day.

In 1990, he qualified as an International Umpire, becoming the first Israeli national to do so. Zvi established himself as one of the most prominent International Judges in Israel and attended the Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, the America's Cup and numerous World and Continental Class Championships.

Zvi also dedicated much of his time to the development of sailing and represented Group D on World Sailing's Council from 1995 to 2004 and was an Events Committee member from 1999 to 2016. In 2016 Zvi was awarded the gold World Sailing Long Service Medal for his contribution.

He was also instrumental in the constitution of an ORC office after arranging in invitation in 2013 to Chief Measurer Zoran Grubisa and Deputy Chief Measurer Nicola Sironi to go to Tel Aviv to train a group of sailors to become measurers, among whom Roni Raviv was chosen as the ISR ORC Rating Officer in 2014. From then on, ISR has created a fleet large enough to accommodate Zvi as a Congress member.

This relationship with ORC also extended to his serving on the International Jury of several prominent ORC events, such as various ORC World, European and European Sportboat Championships.

With these strong credentials, his stature was reassuring for all at any meeting he attended, and his sharp and unquestionable comments a warning for all listening, especially when he was in office in a Jury. He was respected everywhere, and was a symbol on how you can be strong without being aggressive or offensive.

In addition to this international work, Zvi translated the Racing Rules of Sailing to Hebrew and guided the spirit of sailing and judging in Israel.

He now joins the judging pioneers who influenced him, like Mary Blewitt Pera, Paul Bennett, Marcel Leeman, Carlo Rolandi to mention just a few.

Fair winds Zvi, you will not be forgotten by the thousands of sailors and Judges who respected you throughout your long life.






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