14th Yisunsin International Yacht Race

23 November 2020

  The organizing committee of the Yisunsin International Yacht Racesuccessfully completed the 14th Yisunsin International Yacht Race, which was held for five days, with the competition award ceremony taking place on the morning of the 8th November.

In order to safeguard against COVID-19, there were limits to only foreign competitors living in the country. 40 boats and 300-strong crew from 12 countries took part. In addition, the event was broadcast Live on YouTube so that would-be skippers could enjoy the race in real-time.

The event featured 3 divisions, International Cruiser 1 Group (ORC1), 2 Group (ORC2), 3 Group (J/24), and the yacht race was divided into three courses. The event was held on the majestic coast of the island of Tongyong City, where the 'Naval Battle of Han-san' took place, and Bijin Island; the Hakikjin course which sailed between Hansan Island and Soji Island, and the YiSunSin course that went across Bijin Island and Sojido Island.

With a total of 15 teams, competitors ranking from first to fifth in each group won the award. The overall winner of the yacht race was won by the Vikira team(Skipper Kim Tae-Jeong) in the ORCI (Cruiser), while the Friends team (Skipper Park Man-ho) won the ORCII, and the Diva team (Skipper Kim Geun-soo) won the J/24 (Sports).

The Vikira team, which won the overall title, is the national team of Gyeong-gi Province, and has been the hero of the Yisunsin Cup for four consecutive years.

Koo Kil-yong, chairman of the organizing committee (Chairman of the Gyeongnam Yacht Association), said, "We are grateful that the yacht race was successfully completed, despite the difficult conditions and having focused heavily on COVID-19 measures. We will continue to plan and prepare for the event so that the International Yacht Race for Admiral Yi Sunsin can become a world-class yacht race."





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