Gerd Kall, ORC Measurer from Germany passes at age 81

16 Februaray 2021

  Starting his activity as a measurer in the IOR times of the 1970ís, Gerd Kall of Flensburg continued with the new IMS system in the 1980ís, measuring thousands of boats in his active life, and giving his contribution to the development of the German Hull Measuring Machine.

He had been for many years a member of the ORC Measurement Committee, and maintained through several decades of his measurement activity a diligent record of every measurement he did.

His experience and dedication were fundamental in developing and maintaining high standards for ORC measurements, and his presence will remain in the files in use for ORC measurements for today and into the future.

Gerd was also for many years the manager of the Folkboat Class, very popular in Germany, and especially in his hometown, Flensburg, where a fleet of boats keeps racing actively, as well as in neighboring Denmark, a country he often visited, speaking the language and sharing some Danish roots.

His gentle but firm approach to measurement, and his scrupulous attention to measurement tools and records has been a model and important legacy that any measurer should take as an example to follow.




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