Support for Ukraine

1 March 2022


For nearly two decades sailors in Ukraine have used ORC certificates to help them enjoy their summer racing seasons. Recent events have all of us thinking about our sailing friends in Ukraine, and wishes that they and their families and friends will prevail in this terrible situation. We received this letter from Peter Lytvyn to share with our ORC family:

Ukrainian Sails Scorched by the War of 2022

Just a few weeks ago, Ukraine lived a steady life, worked, and made plans for the future.

Explosions of cruise missiles under the windows of houses, the total wail of car alarms and the howling of sirens warning of attack from the air woke up our peaceful cities at 5 AM on February 24th. And for the fifth day in a brutal war, Ukraine has been defending its right to be a free democratic European state.

The whole nation opposes Putin's maniacal plans to resurrect a bloody, lying vampire called the USSR 2. They don't select the means. They bomb residential quarters of cities with cluster and vacuum bombs.

Yachtsmen, people of different professions, are united by sails and in one day became warriors. Soldiers who took up arms, soldiers who help the army, soldiers who help the victims. Everyone finds their place in the ranks.

With the first lightning bolts of breaking world news at the level of personal contacts, Ukrainians received concerned messages, words of support and offers of concrete help from foreign friends (including Russians). And after 100 hours of war, the state of Ukraine has the unprecedented support of the anti-Putin coalition.

We are grateful, we are holding the line. We are not shifting the ORC Ukrainian Championship 2022.

The captain of the yacht MG-30, Champion of the 2018 ORC Ukrainian Championship said “So friends, now I have a new job, a great job in the Armed Forces. Everyone who is hesitant at the moment and does not know what to do, I advise you to take your passport and go to the military enlistment office. From now on, every minute will make sense”.

And the winners of the 2021 ORC Ukrainian Championship, yacht captains Berendey and Komandor, said “Did you see the queue for weapons? So, we didn't have enough. The company was formed. They go to the positions, and we go home. We will come back tomorrow."

ORC supports and applauds all our sailing friends in Ukraine for their passion and bravery.





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