Eight bells - Claudio Schiano

3 March 2022


Claudio Schiano passed away suddenly at the age of 83. After a short experience in designing rockets in Naples, he opened an activity dealing with high profile audio and video equipments, and came on board the FIV after he closed it, starting and increasing the Italian IMS then ORC fleet, measuring hundreds of boats and issuing thousands of certificates for any boat requesting it.

Nicola Sironi says we started together at FIV in Genoa putting together OFF files, using the new machines bought in Germany and the US, and running IMS certificates, that on the computers of the times took half an hour to run. Hes been a friend, a colleague, and a tireless mate forging the system and bringing Italy as the leading user worldwide. Ill greatly miss his wise suggestions to solve difficult cases.

Hes been a scrupulous instructor for many young measurers, and a patient listener of all complaints reaching him, from measurers to race organizers to owners and sailors, always finding a solution and a clear answer, creating lots of friends and no enemy for all these years.





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