Palaemon wins in San Diego

3 April 2022


After two days of windward-leeward competition in six races, Rudi Hasl’s J/145 Palaemon has won the Helly Hansen Regatta Series Sailing World San Diego, the first-ever ORC-scored regatta in Southern California. The seven entries in the ORC Class spanned a wide range of boatsizes and types, and while Palaemon was the largest and fastest boat and won every race, in corrected time some races had very close corrected times.

Having only recently decided to try ORC for the first time, the feedback from owners was positive. Palaemon’s Rudi Hasl said “The ORC rating system is much fairer and more appropriate for comparing different boats than PHRF. I thought that the corrected results indicate how close the races were. Overall, I support the use of the ORC ratings and look forward to having more races using that system.”

The Beneteau 44.7 Aeolos’s Greg Price has been pushing hard for a few years now to finally get a major San Diego regatta scored in ORC. His comments were "Palaemon sailed an amazing regatta with 6 bullets. That kind of dominance in handicap racing might lead some to wonder if they had a rating advantage, but I don’t think that is the case. We (Aeolos) "shot ourselves in the foot” in two races with major spinnaker foulups that cost us minutes and the one race where we lost by 2 sec we lost our spinnaker sheet approaching the finish. Without these major errors, I believe it would have been a tighter race. I bring this up only as a defense of the rating system and in no way am I taking away from Palaemon’s great weekend!

"It’s also tough for the smaller boats because they’re always fighting for clear air and once we have more boats (with ORC ratings) we can divide up into different classes to make it more fair."

The Dehler db2 Positron’s Chris Winnard said "My perspective from the slow boat of the group is pretty simple. We need to build numbers and have a second ORC class. The results show pretty tight groupings for most races. The J/145 enjoyed the benefits of being the big boat finishing before some of the wind die offs encountered by other boats. On Positron, we didn’t sail well on Saturday so deserved what we got. Always getting disadvantaged off the start line does get old…Yet on Sunday we had a good race, which had we just sailed a little better would have won."

The Farr 30 TroubleSpot’s Oliver Michaelis said "ORC is a much more accurate system than PHRF as it accounts for the course type and wind strength. I hope that over the course of this season we can get PHRF 1 and 2 converted over (just like the sport boats are only using ORC for this year), and then have starts under ORC with the same class breaks as are used locally in the CRA races. Let’s keep working on getting these classes moved over, and once we have our existing class breaks but race under ORC we’ll have a great setup that will do each fleet more justice!"




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