Time On Distance

  Corrected time is calculated as follows:

Corrected time = Elapsed time (ToDdelta * Distance)

Where ToDdelta = ToDthe boat - ToDthe lowest (fastest boat) in the fleet

With Time-on-Distance (ToD) scoring, the coefficient of time allowance of one boat will not change with wind velocity, but will change with the length of the course. One boat will always give to another the same handicap in s/NM, and it is easy to calculate the difference in elapsed time between two boats needed to determine a winner in corrected time.


Where is it shown on the certificate?



How is it calculated?

  ToD coefficients are calculated for the respective course model (Windward/Leeward or All-purpose) with the following wind strength distribution:
TWS 6 kt 8 kt 10 kt 12 kt 14 kt 16 kt 20 kt

Time allowance %

 5 % 10 % 20 % 30 % 20 % 10 % 5 %

A custom-made ToD coefficient may be calculated using a different wind distribution matrix based on wind historical data or weather forecast for a particular race. Course model to be used shall be specified in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.


Handicap calculator

    Boat A     Boat B
ToD Coefficient     s/NM

ToD Coefficient

Length of Course     NM      
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