Time On Time

  Corrected time is calculated as follows:

Corrected time = ToT * Elapsed time

With Time-On-Time (ToT) scoring, the time allowance will increase progressively through the duration of the race. Course distance has no effect on the results and need not be measured. Corrected time will depend only on the elapsed time, and the difference between boats may be seen in seconds depending of the duration of the races. The longer the race in time, the larger the handicap.


Where is it shown on the certificate?



How is it calculated?

  ToT coefficients are calculated for the respective course model (Windward/Leeward or All-purpose) as follows:

ToT = 600 / ToD


A custom made ToT coefficient may be calculated using conversion factor to the custom made ToD coefficient. A conversion factor different from 600 may be set as ToD representing the middle of the fleet. Use of a different correction factor will not change the place in corrected times, it will only affect the differences in corrected time..


Handicap calculator

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ToT Coefficient

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