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The IMS Editor is Windows-based software for primary use by measurers to edit, store and distribute IMS measurement data. It is compatible with the ORC Manager software used by rating officers for production of ORC International and ORC Club certificates, as well as its designer's version that includes complete calculations using the ORC VPP (Velocity Prediction Program).

The IMS Editor covers all measurements using the International Measurement System (IMS) including complete sail and measurement inventories and declared rig controls and other data. A tooltip within the program contains information about each field. It can be used for complete or partial measurement with an easy option to "merge" measured data to the existing boat data. Measurers can print all or partial amounts of data as a formal measurement record, and then submit the data in a DXT file by e-mail to the rating officers and preserve the signed papers for the record.

For simulation and testing purposes, the software can also be used by owners and project managers to submit data to designers who have the ORC VPP software.

The latest 2020 version include following updates:

  • Fixes in boat drawing

  • Removed the obsolete fields from the editor: Fwd Accomodation, Taper Hollows, Jumper Struts, SPS, BAL, BWT. "No Backstay" moved below "Transom Graphic" as it does not affect the rating but only the boar drawing. CPW moved to Super Yacht tab.

  • "Runners" renamed to "Runners/Checkstays" as described in the rule.

  • "Lencticular Rigging" renamed to "Non-Circural Rigging".

  • "Dacron Sails" renamed to "Woven Polyester Sails".

  • FSP field is considered obsolete and is replaced by FSD, which is the actually measured dimension of the luff groove device (FSP is this dimension multiplied by two). FSP is still displayed, disabled and striked-out.
    FSP is migrated to FSD automatically, for existing data files.

  • The total weight of the ballast is shown in the measurement inventory.

  • IMPORTANTThe "Flying" field of headsails is now a drop-down, with options
    No: The headsail is set on the forestay.
    Yes: The headsail is set flying tacked at TPS.
    Inner: The headsail is set flying tacked aft of the forestay. This case applies to staysails and is treated by the VPP as a regular headsail, set on the forestay.

  • The certificate type drop-down now includes the SY specific certificate types (Measured, Declared, Corinthian). In turn, the "Data Source" and "Corinthian Certificate" fields have been removed from the Super Yacht specific tab. Existing SY data files are migrated to the correct certificate type, but for new data files make sure to set the certificate type accordingly.

  • Minor changes and fixes.

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