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ORC Scorer is free Windows software covering all options of ORC scoring. It has a user friendly interface with complete customization of the printouts. Boat data can be imported through RMS files which are immediately updated by every new certificate issued by any Rating Office. Additionally certificate updates can be taken directly from the ORC database. A fully functional version is available for download, but newer improved versions may be expected.

ORC Scorer can be downloaded from the ORC Sailor Services, where also a quick startup guide is avaiilable. Click here for ORC Sailor Services and ORC Scorer User Guide.





ORC PCS scoring software module


ORC is providing free scoring software module to all race management and scoring software developers. Source code with complete documentation is available together with test application as a documentation and perpetual reference of the PCS (Performance Curve Scoring) method, able to determine the "Implied Wind" of any given boat in any given race whose course is known by observation, or selected among multiple options, based on the data supplied from the RMS files.

ORC PCS software module.





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