ORC Superyacht Certificate Payment


Once the application form is submitted and all data verified by the ORC, boat captain will be informed by the e-mail that ORCsy certificate is ready to be issued. The last step in the process is payment of an ORC Superyacht certificate issuing fee by completing the form below. Please specify if this is a new certificate, an annual renewal, a renewal with changes, or an amendment request to an existing certificate following changes within the season. Fees for each type are listed below.


Once a request is submitted, a prompt for fee payment will appear on the next page. The fee can be paid using any major credit card or the PayPal secure on-line system. Once the fee is paid, a new certificate will be sent to the email given on the request form. This email address will also become a registration pass to the online ORC SY Sailor Services, where test certificates may be run and copies of any valid ORCsy certificates may be viewed and/or downloaded.


Please proceed with completing your request only when you have an e-mail confirmation that your ORCsy certificate is ready.

  Yacht Name    
  Sail number    
  Flag of regsitration    
  LOA      Please enter exact length overall rounded to the whole number in meters
  Certificate type  


New certificate (The yacht had no ORCsy certificate type) = 30 * LOA (m) + 500
        Annual renewal (The yacht has a previous ORCsy certificate) = 30 * LOA (m) + 200
      Annual renewal with changes (The yacht has a previous ORCsy certificate but some measurements have been updated/amended) = 30 * LOA (m) + 300
      Mid-season change (The yacht has a valid ORCsy certificate but the team asks to do any amendments to the measurements) = 30 * LOA (m)
      Test/Trial certificate = 20 * LOA (m) / 2
      Corinthian Spirit Class certificate = 900
  Boat captain or
ORCsy contact
  Quick process   + 30 % (within two weeks prior the start of the regatta)


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