Designer's suite

The ORC VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) is the core of the ORC International and ORC Club Rating Systems. The ORC Designer's suite (DVP) consists of the ORC Manager application (includes measurement data editing, hull offset file editing and other utilities) and the VPP executable. The input data (DXT and OFF file formats) are processed by the VPP, which produces hydrostatics data and velocity predictions for 6 to 20 knots of true wind speed at true wind angles of optimum beat, 52, 60, 75, 90, 110, 120, 135, 150 and optimum run. The VPP output is presented in detail and is used to produce various additional reports. A designer may process design data through the VPP to analyze rating effects, and the software is therefore regarded as essential to anyone contemplating an ORC design project.

The ORC Designer's suite is essentially the same software used by rating offices to issue certificates (with a few limitations related to administration tasks), applying the same input data validations to comply with ORC rules. The resulting output includes all ratings and time allowances shown on certificates, together with a complete set of calculated hydro and aerodynamic data.

Also available is the ORC VPP Documentation which describes the methodology of the equations used to calculate the forces produced by the hull, appendages, and sails, and how these are combined in the VPP. It is updated annually by the International Technical Committee (ITC).

Additionally to the detailed human-readable VPP output report, the ORC Manager produces

  • the speed guide that includes polar diagrams and performance tables for all sail kinds 
  • the stability and hydrostatics datasheet
  • the test certificate
  • the target speeds
  • custom reports with comparison features

The ORC DVP is Windows based software, with standard Windows functions.

The subscription refers to the current annual release of the software, and provides access to all updates of this release. Please note that the subscription does not give access to existing hull data (an explicit permission of the copyright owner is needed). The rest of the measurement data (rig, sails, flotation etc) for an existing certificate can be obtained from ORC Sailor Services.

The subscription to the annual release of ORC DVP, which also includes all the updates of this release is 400 EUR

The ORC VPP for super yachts (ORCsy VPP) is an additional feature to the DVP subscription, also released annually, for 700 EUR, including updates. The separate purchase of ORCsy VPP is meaningful only when an annual DVP subscription has already been purchased, because also available is the DVP plus ORCsy VPP bundle for 1000 EUR.

Once a request is submitted, an invoice will be created and sent to the registered e-mail address. The fee can be paid by bank transfer or using any major credit card. Upon receipt of payment, new subscribers will receive credentials to log on to the DVP subscribers website, while existing subscribers will receive an email notification for the renewal of their subscription. From this website you can download the installation software package as well as any updates of the annual release.

Please note that VAT 20% may be charged for any purchase, depending on the VAT status of the customer receiving the invoice.

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