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07.04 - 13.10 Lago Maggiore ITA
20.04 - 24.04 Cagliari-Monaco ITA
25.04 - 28.04 Busan KOR
26.04 - 30.04 Palma de Mallorca ESP
30.04 - 05.05 Caorle ITA
07.04 - 13.10
Lago Maggiore, ITA
20.04 - 24.04
Cagliari-Monaco, ITA
26.04 - 30.04
Palma de Mallorca, ESP
The ORC System
The search for a perfect rating system is as old as sailboat racing itself. Boat owners, sailors, designers and handicappers are always looking for solutions that work as boat designs change with time. However, regardless of what rating system is actually in use, an ideal rating system should have a set of key point of features to ensure fair racing.
ORC Rating Systems are administered by the National Rating Offices established worldwide in each country that have active offshore rating. There are two forms of the rating systems that are fully compatible using the same measurements and the same VPP: ORC International (ORCi) and ORC Club. ORCi is based on a complete boat measurement.
It is the intention of any rating system to give a boat rating which depends on her characteristics in order to equalise her with other boats of different size and characteristics. Characteristics that are positive for boat speed, like length of the water line or sail area, and those that are negative, like beam, displacement and wetted surface, are the most common influences in any system.
With an ORC Certificate, you are getting more than just a rating. ORC Sailor Services allows you access to the ORC Database of all ORC certificates issued worldwide #beyondrating.

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