The IMS Editor is Windows-based software for primary use by measurers to edit, store and distribute IMS measurement data. It is compatible with the ORC Manager software used by rating officers for production of ORC International and ORC Club certificates, as well as its designer's version that includes complete calculations using the ORC VPP (Velocity Prediction Program).

The IMS Editor covers all measurements using the International Measurement System (IMS) including complete sail and measurement inventories and declared rig controls and other data. A tooltip within the program contains information about each field. It can be used for complete or partial measurement with an easy option to "merge" measured data to the existing boat data. Measurers can print all or partial amounts of data as a formal measurement record, and then submit the data in a DXT file by e-mail to the rating officers and preserve the signed papers for the record.

For simulation and testing purposes, the software can also be used by owners and project managers to submit data to designers who have the ORC VPP software.

The latest 2023 version include following updates:

  • Added "skeg" as new type of appendage.
  • Added strip codes (1=root strip, 2=appendage retracted). The root strip code is mandatory to exist in an appendage. For existing offset files without a root strip code, the first strip is assumed to be the root strip.
  • With the addition of appendage retracted strip code, fraction field is no longer needed. However it will be maintained for a limited period of time.
  • Additional offset file validation rules, to avoid VPP crashes or erroneous results.
  • Added validation for PD range, according to rule.
  • Added "Rotating mast" field in editor and the certificate.
  • Migration of CEXT to 0.25 for CEXT=0.50. It is now flagged and shown on the certificate as "Loose lifelines". This flag allows for automatic changes of CEXT in the future.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

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