ORC Sailor Services for Superyachts

This service offered by the ORC to give boat owners, skippers, project managers and other interested parties such as measurers, race organizers and sailmakers an opportunity to do the following

  1. Search in the on-line ORC certificate and boats database to access any Superyacht certificate issued by ORC. Open the Search for Certificates page from the link on the left menu, select Super Yachts in the Country drop-down menu, enter the Yacht Name, and Search. (Without a name entry the search will yield the complete list of ORC Superyachts.)
  2. Choose the Yacht Name from the list by clicking the (+) button, which adds the measurement data for this boat to your My Boats folder, or simply click Get a Copy! to receive by email a copy of the existing certificate for this boat.
  3. The "My Boats” folder is a personalized list of the certificate data of boats you have chosen to be reviewed and edited as needed by you to run test certificates.
  4. You may acquire an ORC Superyacht Test certificate calculated by the ORC Superyacht VPP software using either existing measurement data of the certificate, or by changing some measurements at will and as may be appropriate. This feature is accessible from the My Boats folder.*
  5. Check out the new rating of the boat each year, since this service always uses the latest version of the ORC Superyacht VPP.**

* Note that this service does not have all the functions possible through the Rating Office, such as changes to the offset file or righting moment measurements. It is intended to allow the user to research simple changes to sails or other parameters, and to gain access to boat certificates in the ORC database. For all other services contact the ORC Rating Office.

** It is possible, particularly early in the calendar year, that there will be multiple VPP releases to include improvements and fixes made by the ORC programmers. These new releases may imply changes to the ratings of boats, thus affecting the test certificates. The VPP version used to generate the test certificate is listed on the the certificate. The test certificates calculated using the VPP being replaced will be automatically recalculated by the system with the new VPP, but you should make sure to download them again.

The various services are offered using a credit-based accounting system. Currently, ORC Superyacht test certificates cost 200 credits each. The certificate copies are offered for free. You may purchase credits using the Stripe service. Special prices are available for large credit purchases. Contact the ORC Tech Team for any question regarding this website.

Access to the ORC Sailors Services for Superyacht is granted to all ORCsy certificate holders who will receive by e-mail credentials to log in by entering username and password on the right.