According to the Articles of Association of the Offshore Racing Congress Ltd , all submissions for the Agenda of a General Meeting must be proposed through a Nominating Body and must reach the Registered Office nine weeks before the date of the meeting. Late submissions may only be considered with the approval of the Chairman or in his absence one of the Deputy Chairmen and then only when he considers that a matter of urgency is involved.

Deadline for the submissions for the 2024 AGM is 30th August 2024

To allow this process to function smoothly, each submission should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The Submission shall clearly state the current position along with the proposal for a change (clearly stating the rule) and the rationale behind this change.
  • The Submission should be written to relate to any ORC documents as listed in "Rules concerned" below.
  • Wherever possible, each submission should contain wording for the proposed new rules.
  • Technical items the tech staff can work on during the year should not be sent as an submission

Submissions not fitting these guidelines may be re-formatted at the discretion of the Management Committee, or rejected outright.


Rules concerned