Apply for Weather Routing Scoring (WRS)

Apply for Weather Routing Scoring (WRS)

12 March 2024 - The ORC supports race organizers who wish to have their race scored with weather routing by providing time correction factors (TCF). These TCFs are calculated by ORC staff using fleet and course data provided by the organizer. These TCFs are used in the scoring software to calculate race results by time-on-distance or time-on-time methods. Two options are available during 2024:

1. If you want to score your race with weather routing, this must be clearly prescribed in the sailing instructions.

Prior to the race, you need to provide ORC with the following:

  • Notice of race and/or sailing instructions.
  • The sailing instructions must include the starting time and the course of the race, including any constraints, such as marks or islands to be left to port or starboard, exclusion zones, etc.
  • The entry list of the competitors. This list must include the reference number of each boat's certificate.

The above must be provided by the organizer at least two weeks prior to the start of the race. The entry list may be amended, but not later than two days prior to the start of the race.

ORC staff will deliver TCFs to organizers 24 hours prior to the start.

2. The organizer may choose to have the race shadow-scored, in order to compare weather routing results with actual ones.

The information needed by the ORC staff is the same as above,

ORC staff will deliver TCFs to organizers after the actual results have been posted, for shadow-scored races.

Organizers of races interested in using WRS are referred to the description of the method at and complete the application form.

There is also a Webinar planned on this method with noted offshore navigator Stan Honey and hosted by the Storm Trysail Club, New York Yacht Club and Chicago Yacht Club on Wednesday, April 10th at 19:30 EDT on Zoom at this link: The Webinar is free to all to attend.