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The 2017 ORC Annual General Meeting will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in November 2017.  During the AGM, ORC and its committees will discuss all submissions for rule changes received from the ORC member national authorities.



Thursday, 2nd November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
Friday, 3rd November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  09:30 - 18:00 ORC Management Committee (closed) Citlali
Satrurday, 4th November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  14:30 - 18:30 ORC Promotion & Development Committee Citlali
Sunday, 5th November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  09:30 - 18:30 ORC Classes and Events Committee Citlali
Monday, 6th November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  09:30 - 13:30 ORC Measurement Committee Violeta
  14:30 - 18:30 ORC Rating Officers Committee Violeta
  20:30 ORC Dinner TBA
Tuesday, 7th November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  09:30 - 13:30 ORC Race Management Committee Citlali
  09:30 - 18:00 ORC Management Committee (closed) Violeta
Wednesday, 8th November All day Secretary's Office Huahutli
  10:00 - 11:00 ORC Congress (EGM) (closed) Citali
  11:30 - 18:30 ORC Congress (AGM) Citali

* Note: ITC will meet 6 - 8 October in Delft.



Agedas ORC Congress Meeting EGM (closed)    
  ORC Congress Meeting AGM    
  Managment Committee    
  Rating Offices Committee    


Submission Title Reporting Committee Rules
GER 1 Hull measurement costs Measurement Committee, Man. Comm. General policy
GER 2 Certificate deadline for championship Offshore Classes and Events Committee Green Book
GER 3 Switch between classses Offshore Classes and Events Committee Green Book
GER 4 Freeboard measurement on wide boats Measurement Committee IMS
GER 5 ORC Manager modifications Rating Officers Committee ORC software
GER 6 Position of crew on rail Offshore Classes and Events Comm., Man Comm. ORC
ITA 1 Implied wind ITC, Management Committee ORC
ITA 2 Wave resistance ITC, Management Committee VPP
ITA 3 Subdivision of classes by CDL Management Committee General policy
NED 1 Headsail dimensions Rating Officers Committee ORC
NED 2 Sail dimensions in Sailor Services Management Committee ORC Software
NED 3 Validity of flotation measurement Measurement Committee, Man. Comm. Green Book
POL 1 ORC website P&D Committee, Management Committee General policy
RUS 1 Station spacing ITC, Measurement Committee IMS
RUS 2 Symmetry of appendages ITC, Measurement Committee IMS
RUS 3 Top points ITC, Measurement Committee IMS
RUS 4 PCS - Selected courses ITC, Race Management Committee ORC
SUI 1 Determination of weight of sportboats Meas. Comm, Offshore Classes ad Events Comm. IMS
USA 1 Mitigating the efect of crew weight ITC, Management Committee ORC
          Submissions by reporting committees
  Commitee Submissions
  Management Committee GER1, GER6, ITA1, ITA2, ITA3, NED2, NED3, POL1, USA1
  Measurement Committee GER1, GER4; NED3, RUS1, RUS2, RUS3, SUI1
  Offshore Classes & Events Committee GER2, GER3, GER6, SUI1
  Rating Officers Committee GER5, NED1
  Race Management Committee RUS4
  Promotion & Development Committee POL1
          Submissions by the rules
  Rule Submissions
  ORC Rating Systems GER6, ITA1, NED1, RUS4, USA1
  General policies GER1, ITA3, POL1
  Green Book GER2, GER3, NED3
  ORC Software GER5, NED2

         Complete list of all submissions in one PDF file can be downloaded here.




The meetings will take place in Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center. Bookings shall be made through the World Sailing website where information about hotel prices and trasnsport from the airport are available - Hotel map.


ORC Dinner


The ORC Annual Dinner will take place on Monday, November 6th at 20:30 at Le Kliff Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. ORC Congress Members and other interested Committee Members are welcome to attend the ORC Dinner and are invited to purchase the tickets (Euro 90,00 each) by completing and returning order form by email to the ORC Secretariat by 28th October 2017. Due to space limits, no reservations will be accepted from 30th October. The tickets will be available for collection from 3rd November at the ORC secretariat located at the Huahutli Room


Tickets can be paid pay through PayPal secure payment system by Visa, Master Card or American Express credit cards or PayPal account.  By clicking on "Pay now" after selecting number of persons, you will be transferred to the secure PayPal system where you can enter credit card details. 

Tickets can also be paid in cash with the secretariat when collected.


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