ORC racing comes to Siberia


28 August 2017

  The ORC Congressman and Rating Officer from Russia, Vasily Alexeev, reports that last weekend at the Novosibirsk yacht club Aqualand the first handicap race for all cruiser-racers was sailed, using the ORC handicap system. Until now this fleet was separated into small groups that were scored without handicap as one design classes. This year the regional Association of ORC Sportboats was founded, which has joined the ORC Sportboat yachts and Quarter-ton yachts with ORC certificates. Now 7 yachts from Novosibirsk have valid ORC certificates. For all others there was a trial race and they used trial certificates.

On 23 August the presentation of the next season’s sailing program was presented, with a race series presented that will be the first competition in Novosibirsk that will be sailed and scored according to ORC Rating Rules with ORC handicaps. The organizers of this event is the Regional Siberian ORC Sportboat Class Association.

The “AQUALAND GRAND PRIX – ORC RACE” will consist of 3 series of a total of 10 races plus a final medal race. Part of this presentation was a demonstration race where 8 yachts of different types took place.



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