BMW ORC, the largest fleet of the Copa del Rey Mapfre

26 July 2019

  The four divisions of the BMW ORC class include 70 boats and 20 nationalities, constituting over half of the total fleet at the 38 Copa del Rey MAPFRE. In both numbers of registered participants and their traditional history at the event, it is the one of the most closely observed fleets of the Real Club NŠutico de Palmaís regatta.

Since 2007, the involvement of one-designs, has created an even more diverse fleet, and includes impressive boats such as the GC32s or ClubSwan 50's. However, the Copa del Rey MAPFRE was originally established as a corrected time handicap classes regatta, and despite its continual evolution and the inclusion of new formulas, it remains loyal to its origins.The best example is the hugely successful BMW ORC classes, that have participated in every single edition of the event since it began, and this year continue to show impressive statistics.

As such, this year the BMW ORC is distributed into the BMW ORC 0, BMW ORC 1, BMW ORC 2 and BMW ORC 3. It is a truly heterogeneous combination of boats ranging from under 10 to up to 16 metres, and in this 38th edition of the regatta brings together 70 boats from 20 nationalities. Racing under the ORC formula there are teams from Germany, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Estonia, France, Holland, England, British Virgin Islands, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine. BMW has named the ORC in the Copa del Rey MAPFRE since 2014.

The competition programme for the four classes of the BMW ORC is made up of 11 windward-leeward races from Monday 29th July to Saturday 3rd August.



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