North Sea Regatta 2022

 9 June 2022


The largest sailing event on the Dutch North Sea took place from May 24 to June 6.

The 120-mile Vuurschepenrace from Scheveningen (NED) to Harwich (GBR) opened the annual North Sea Regatta on May 24. After a lay-day in Harwich, the IRC and ORC classes returned to the Netherlands, sailing the RORC North Sea Race on May 27. North Sea Race concluded with Inshore Races in Scheveningen from June 4 to 6.

Considering the results of all races Vuurschepenrace and North Sea Race as Offshore races and Inshore Races, the overall winners in ORC races are:

ORC 1 (11 entries)
1. Van Uden NED17001 Ker 46 Gerd-Jan Poortman 17 pts
2. Moana NED8935 J-122 E Grand Prix Frans van Cappelle 18 pts
3. Morpheus BEL733 Sydney 43 GTS Wouter Hermsen 38.5 pts

ORC 2 (9 entries)
1. Extra Djinn GBR 362T X-362 Sport Michel Dorsman 9.5 pts
2. Rosetta NED7307 Dehler 36 Radboud Crul 26 pts
3. SailSelect NED101 Varianta - Jeroen Koninkx 26.5 pts

ORC 3 (8 entries)
1. CSI Rakker NED8118 A-31 Kees Keetels 18.5 pts
2. White Hawk NED7251 First 31.7 Sijbout Hiemstra 23 pts
3. Salty Dog NED5811 Dehler 37 DB Rene Bollen 27.5 pts

DH (6 entries)
1. Jongeheer NED9375 J99 Paul Manuel 11.5 pts
2. Silver NED8703 Salona 37 Marcel Polderman 20 pts
3. Ajeto NED9112 J-122 John van der Starre Robin Verhoef 27.5 pts





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