2023 ORC Mediterranean Championship now open for entries

8 December 2022

  Organizers from the Circolo Remo e Vela Italia are pleased to announce that entries are now open for the 2023 ORC Mediterranean Championship, run also as the Campionato Nazionale del Medio e Basso Tirreno (CNT). Racing dates for the event are 19-21 May 2023 and are within the Tre Golfi Sailing Week supported by ROLEX. Four classes will be organized to compete in the ORC Mediterranean Championship/CNT, with these class splits:

Class A: 16.400 > CDL > 11.610
Class B: 11.610 > CDL > 9.780
Class C: 9.780 > CDL > 8.550
Class D: 8.550 > CDL

Final class splits will be amended based on 2023 CDL limits as defined by ORC. A total of five inshore windward/leeward races are planned, with course areas to be positioned between Sorrento and Capri.

Due to the limited number of moorings available in the Piano di Sorrento Marina (shown above), the maximum number of entries amongst all classes is 70. The first 70 entries made by the pre-registration deadline of 2400 on 15 March will be accepted. Based on the availability of additional berths, the Organizing Authority may allow registrations beyond this limit. If more than 70 yachts are pre-registered at the Registration Deadline, final entries will be accepted at the OA discretion, in agreement with the ORC, based on:

- international representation of the fleet;
- adequate representation of the various classes;
- chronological order in which the yachts are pre-registered.

The ORC Mediterranean Championship title will be awarded to the first yacht in each Class A, B and C as extracted by the overall ranking, and the Campionato Nazionale del Medio e Basso Tirreno will be awarded to winners of each Group 1 and 2.

In addition, a special overall trophy will be awarded to the winner of Classes A, B, C and D according to the following formula:

(P -Nr)/[(Ne x Nr)-Nr)

where “P” are the total points scored by the single boat based on the low-points system
“Nr” is the number of races completed by the class
“Ne” is the number of entrants scored in the class

Additional awards and prizes will be awarded according to the Notice of Race.

“We’re very excited to host this important ORC championship event,” said Roberto Mottola di Amato, President of CRV Italia. “After nearly seven decades of organizing racing in this beautiful setting, we still look forward to innovating our formats and producing the highest quality racing and social events possible for our entries, both from Italy and beyond.”

Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC, said "This is one of the most beautiful venues for racing this championship, and we look forward to working with CRV Italia to produce a memorable event for all."



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