ORC Club certificates do not require verified measurement. Instead, owners are allowed to declare select measurements while other parameters are assigned by the rating office. 

Where input data is lacking, the rating office will apply estimates or default values that will produce a faster rating. 

The more data submitted based on measurements, the more accurate the rating. ORC Club certificates are intended for club-level racing.

ORC Club certificates comes in two A4 pages. The first page gives a general presentation of the boat with its rated boat speeds, in addition to the main hull, propeller, rig and sail dimensions.

It also contains information needed to enter the race like crew weight, limitations on use of sails, and stability index with the rated righting moment.

The second page is presenting scoring options in two sections: default scoring options that are present on each certificate and other scoring options that are selected for use by the relevant National Rating office.

The ORC Club certificate looks the same as the first two pages of the ORC International certificate. The only difference is that ORC International is based on a complete boat measurement while ORC Club displays the same data, but this data may be declared by the owner or obtained from any other source, including photos, drawings, designs or data from identical or similar boats.

ORC Club may include optional third and fourth pages just as on ORC International certificate showing complete set of measurements in more details.

More details are given in the measurement and scoring sections, while complete definitions can be found in the appropriate rules documents.

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