An ORC Double Handed certificate is comprised of two pages, and can be translated into any language. These are issued by rating offices for boats with existing ORC Club or ORC International certificates that want to race in a Double Handed format, so the default crew weight is fixed at 170 kg. Sails on an ORC DH certificate may be any combination of what is in the Sails Inventory of the full-crewed certificate.

The first page of an ORC DH certificate resembles an ORC Club certificate, with a proportionally-scaled boat drawing shown with measurements of the sails, rig, hull, and other measurement details.

ORC DH certificates will be branded as Club or International, depending on the quality of the measurement inputs in the original full-crew certificate. A key difference from the Club certificate is the Scoring Options box, which contains Time on Time and Time on Distance ratings for four course model types that are common for distance races: Coastal/Long distance, Circular Random, Predominantly Upwind and Predominantly Downwind courses.

The second page is a polar diagram showing the performance of the boat through a range of conditions…these are also available in an ORC Speed Guide that may be generated for the boat in Double Handed trim.

You can find more information about the ORC Rating System in the Rules & Regulations. For complete definitions, refer to the appropriate rules documents.