Capturing the data to generate an ORCsy Certificate is not a trivial matter, but thanks to the ORC’s work and experience the process can be executed quickly and accurately if the right documents, drawings and geometry files can be made available to the ORC handicapping team.

The first step is to submit a requirement to get an ORCsy Certificate. This is done by completing the online Application Form. Please complete the boat details below and you will receive an e-mail with link to start application process. Following documents will be needed through the application process:

  • Hull geometry file in OFF or 3d file format
  • Stability Booklet
  • Sail plan (preferably in DWG format)
  • Mast plan with measurements as per IMS Rule F4
  • Deck plan (preferably in DWG format)
  • Tanks plan (preferably in DWG format)
  • Propeller installation drawing (preferably in DWG format)
  • Sailmakers declaration about sail measurements
  • Other rating certificates

New Certificate Application form