Tre Golfi Sailing Week: sunny skies but unstable wind in Sorrento on the second day of the ORC Mediterranean Championship

Tre Golfi Sailing Week: sunny skies but unstable wind in Sorrento on the second day of the ORC Mediterranean Championship

Sorrento, Italy - 10 May 2024 - A splendid day of sunshine greeted the crews of the 26 boats gathered in the Sorrento gem for the ORC Mediterranean Championship, also valid as the Central and Lower Tyrrhenian National Championship, as they arrived this morning at the Tre Golfi Sailing Week village for the traditional skippers’ briefing in front of the maxi-screen under the Rolex clock, the Official Time Piece of the event. To follow the wind's shifts, the Race Committee had already decided yesterday evening to advance the start time, and consequently also the skippers' briefing by an hour.

The first race of the day, the third in the series, started shortly after 10:00, with 10-12 knots of wind from the northeast. Once again, the fastest were the TP52s and the Ker 46s: the Swiss boat Musica is in first place followed by Red Bandit, then Lisa R, but in third position, after applying the rating, is the J 122 Chestress 3 skippered by Giancarlo Ghislanzoni.

The Committee then hoisted the AP (intelligence flag) on H, inviting all teams to return to shore to await the expected shift in wind to the west, which duly arrived around 13:30 when the intelligence flag on H was lowered, and the fleet returned to the racecourse. Unfortunately, the efficiency of PRO Stuart Chinderley was not rewarded, and after several attempts to start, the 26 crews from six nations returned to the Marina Piccola in Sorrento where they found warm pasta, Corricella Gin, and Ferrarelle water to welcome them.

The leaders in the various categories after three races are Lisa R for the Racer group, Sugar 3 for A-B Cruiser Racer, and Wanax Exp Team 2 The World for the C Cruiser Racer.

"Today we only had one race with little wind because it was quite shifty," commented Ettore Botticini, Lisa R's tactician. "There were several starts then canceled, but for us, it was a great workout because we managed to practice both the pre-start and onboard communication, which is always necessary on this boat, especially because we have a sister ship, Daguet 3, with which we always race and spur each other to improve. This time it's going better for us, we've beaten them in all three races played so far, we're well placed in the standings, and with today's third place, we're in the lead. We'll give it our all tomorrow, but we're happy because everything on board is working well after making modifications to the boat to perform even in light winds, and it's paying off! After this regatta, we'll go to St Tropez for the Giraglia and then to Valencia, but certainly, Sorrento is always a splendid location, and I always enjoy coming back!"

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 11, will be the final day for the ORC fleet, only the best of the Central and Lower Tyrrhenian National Championship will be awarded, because for the Mediterranean ORC Championship, the historic Tre Golfi Regatta, now in its 69th edition, will also be contested, starting on Friday, May 17, at 16:30 from Naples.

The 69th edition of the Regata dei Tre Golfi will start from Naples on Friday 17th May. The 150-mile course will round the islands of Ponza and Li Galli with arrival in Sorrento.

The organizers of the 2024 ORC Mediterranean Championship at the Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia (CRVI) are pleased to offer a new format of competitive inshore racing over 9-11 May 2024 followed by 17-18 May 2024, with offshore racing in the 69th edition of the 150-mile Regata dei Tre Golfi (3G).

Participation in both the inshore and offshore race formats is required for scoring for the 2024 ORC Mediterranean Championship, with trophies awarded in four classes: ORC Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D, with CDL limits defined in the Notice of Race. Scoring of the inshore races alone is eligible for trophies in the Campianato Nazionale del Medio e Basso Tirreno (CNT). The long-distance race is non-discardable for the ORC Mediterranean Championship.