ORC VPP 2024 Launched on Sailor Services!

ORC VPP 2024 Launched on Sailor Services!

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) has recently launched the ORC VPP 2024 version 1.00 (the 2024 ORC Velocity Prediction Program - VPP)on Sailor Services. With the latest version installed, boat owners, skippers, measurers, race organizers, sailmakers, and sailing enthusiasts worldwide can now generate 2024 test certificates.

Both ORC Club and ORC International Test certificates can be generated using existing measurement data or by altering some measurements, providing flexibility and precision in certificate creation. 

Users can also acquire a copy of, and/or the ORC Speed Guide and Target Speeds for, any ORC certificate issued from 2009 to the present, directly from the certificate search results.

Summary of the changes in VPP

  • Update of the gear weight and sailing displacement calculation
  • Added TWS of 24 kts in the VPP calculations.
  • Update the de-powering model and HSF coefficients.
  • Added rating assessment for adjustable mast foot.
  • Modified rating assessment for non-circular rigging.
  • Modified whisker pole definition, with the option for it to be used to windward or to leeward with the VPP automatically identifying the way how it is used based on the length of the whisker pole.