Sailor Services (SaS) – the accessible online portal to ORC

Sailor Services (SaS) – the accessible online portal to ORC

The season is over now, and you’re getting asked by your sailmaker what you want to order for the 2024 season. Timing is tight; he wants to know as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery in the Spring so you can be ready for racing.

You’re being sold on the latest Code 0 designs to make your boat much more fun to sail in those reaching conditions when the normal headsail is not powerful enough, and the spinnaker is too big.

But what exactly is the speed boost, and what is the rating cost of adding this sail to your inventory? Here’s where the ORC Sailor Services system can help.

First, get a free login by registering at You only need an email address, and the system will create a password for you.

Then, after logging in, the main page opens to numerous options shown on the left menu bar. Select 'Search for Certificates', and a new page opens for you to find your boat in the database.

Once found, grab the latest measurement file to add to your online account in the 'My Boats' folder by clicking (+), open that file, and following the editing directions on adding the dimensions of the Code 0 (provided by your sailmaker).

Save the file with a name of your choice, then run a test certificate.

Once you do this (the cost is only ten credits, about €15), you can open the test and see the rating changes on the test certificate among the scoring options of your choice.

For only another 40 credits, you can also run an 'ORC Speed Guide' of polars to get the graphic, tabular and digital output of your boat’s performance at all wind angles and wind speeds from 6 to 20 knots (in 2024, the new VPP will extend to 24 knots).

So, for the investment of a few minutes of your time and only €60, you have all the answers you need – there’s no speculation, no guessing, and no hiring of experts to tell you the answers.

You have the power of the ORC VPP at your fingertips to find out on your own.

There are many other functions available in this system; check it out: